TF1420 - Tilt-Frame

Like our EF1459 model, the TF1420 is actually a horizontal band saw on a vertical frame. This all-purpose saw handles all metals, plastics, and woods in a wide variety of cuts.

Quickly tilt the frame to make 45° miter or beveled cuts; use control panel to quickly adjust feed rate, pressure, and blade speed; then pull the lever to start the air over hydraulic feed and allow your saw to cut your material for you.

The TF1420 will provide decades of efficiency, durability, and automation at a price that is less expensive than comparable saws in its class. 

Product Features

Combining large capacity and versatility, the TF1420 makes quick work of large and small jobs

Quickly makes miter or beveled cuts by easily adjusting the frame up to 45°

Offers power, speed control, and feed pressure required to ensure maximum accuracy and efficiency

Extends the life of blades via the blade cleaning brush and blade misting coolant system


Fast & accurate all-purpose saw, with the benefits of both a vertical and horizontal saw



** Saw Frame and/or Can Be Rotated To 45° When Cutting To Get Desired Miter and/or Beveled Cutting angle

Optional Equipment

5' Roller Conveyor

10' Roller Conveyor

Additional Quick Action Vise

Welder, Grinder and Shear / Bench Top






Replacement Blades

Blade Description




* Denotes standard blade shipped with saw


Spare Parts



Part Description


Part Description 2

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