Optional Equipment

Roll-In Saw strives to make all of your cutting jobs easier; for this reason, we offer different optional equipment to fit the particular needs of your job.

Roller Conveyor (5ft or 10ft)

Part Number: 901 (5ft)

Price: $489 (5ft)

Part Number: 902 (10ft)

Price: $839 (10ft)

Compatible Saws: EF1459, JE1320, JM1220, DT1340, HM1212, HW1212, HS1418

Part Number: 903 (5ft)

Price: $539 (5ft)

Part Number: 904 (10ft)

Price: $899 (10ft)

Compatible Saws: TF1420

Summary: Coming in 5’ and 10’ lengths, the Roll-In Saw conveyor systems allow you to load long and heavy pieces of materials into any of our saws.

^Material Stop for Roller Conveyor Coming Soon!

Conveyor and EFx1000.jpeg

1" Guide Rollers (4 Per Set)

Part Number: 179

Price: $140

Compatible Saws: EF1459, TF1420*, HM1212*, HW1212*

Summary: 1" Guide Rollers enable users to attach a 1" blade to their favorite saw

* Denotes the rollers ship standard with saw

1 Inch Guide Rollers_c.png

Casters (4 Per Set)

Part Number: 1A132

Price: $140

Compatible Saws: EF1459, HM1212, HW1212

Summary: Our casters provide you easy portability of our saws. 2 of the casters include a lock, enabling you to lock the saw in place.


Mist System

Part Number: 1A109

Price: $728

Compatible Saws: EF1459, JE1320, JM1220, DT1340, TF1420*

Part Number: 1A109H

Price: $840

Compatible Saws: HM1212, HW1212, HS1418

Summary: Extend the life of the your blades with the same efficiency of a flood coolant-- without the mess of a flood system. This light spray will provide a small amount of coolant directly to the blade surface to reduce friction and heat to extend blade life. Use with the vegetable based Unist Coolube coolant for compatibility with all Roll-In Saw models 

* Denotes the mist system ships standard with saw

Mist System Blade_c.jpeg

Mist Coolant

Part Number: 1109-A (Coolube 2210)

Price: $77

Part Number: 1109-B (Coolube 2210AL)

Price: $77

Part Number: 1109-C (Coolube 2210EP)

Price: $85

Compatible With All Roll-In Saw Mist Systems

Summary: Derived from natural oils, this environmental and machinist friendly coolant will extend the life of the your blades with the same efficiency of a flood coolant-- without the mess of a flood system.The coolants can be used on a wide range of material, or use the AL version specifically formulated for aluminum, or the EP version specifically formulated for ferrous metals. 


Saw Master Accessory Package

Part Number: 1A192

Price: $457

Compatible Saws: EF1459

Double Vise Saw Master Package

Part Number: 1A192-A

Price: $849

Summary: The Saw Master Accessory Package helps any user improve efficiency in their cutting. The package includes a quick clamp to secure material. It also includes a rip fence rail and rip fence, which will help users make rip cuts--and can also be used as a material stop, making cutting the same length material more efficient. 

Saw Master Package.jpg

Chip Dust Blower

Part Number: 1A95R

Price: $92

Compatible Saws: EF1459, JE1320*, JM1220*, DT1340*

Summary: The Chip Dust Blower helps extend the life of your blades by removing chips from the cutting area--reducing the number of chips that get caught in the blade teeth.

* Denotes the chip dust blower ships standard with saw

Chip Dust Blower_c.jpg
Chip Dust Blower Low Res.png

Contour Guide Assembly

Part Number: 1A49 (1/4", 3/8", 1/2" Blade)

Part Number: 1A160 (3/4" Blade)

Price: $203

Compatible Saws: EF1459

Summary: The Contour Guide Assembly helps keep the blade from twisting or bending when making complex or contour cuts. Inserts are available for

- 1/4" blade

- 3/8" & 1/2" blade

- 3/4" blade

Countour Guide Assembly Highlighted 3_4
Contour Guide Assembly2 Highlighted.jpeg

Work Light (Pre-Installed)

Part Number: 174

Price: $129

Compatible Saws: EF1459, JE1320, JM1220, DT1340*

Summary: Working in a lower light area, or need additional light to ensure accurate cutting? The Pre-Installed Work Light can provide additional lighting where you need it.

* Denotes the work light ships standard with saw


1" Welder, Grinder, & Shear

Part Number: 6000

Price: $3,695 (For Welder, Grinder, & Shear)

Price: $270 (For Case--Blue Case Shown In Picture)

Compatible Saws: JE1320, JM1220, DT1340 -- Or Can Be Sold As Bench Top Unit

Summary: If you are making your own blades, or need to weld a broken blade together, this top-of-the line Welder, Grinder, & Shear is a must to include on your saw. If you are not purchasing a JE1320, JM1220, or DT1340, we can also sell them as a bench top model--and they can be used separately from the saw.

Ideal Welder.jpg
Welded Blade.jpg
Welded grinded blade.jpg

Semi-Automatic Air / Hydraulic Cylinder

Part Number: 1A34

Price: $775

Compatible Saws: EF1459, TF1420*

Summary: Improve the efficiency of the saw by having an air cylinder installed with it. To start a cut or return the saw frame, simply flip the lever on the panel of the saw.

* Denotes the air/cylinder ships standard with saw

Air Cylinder Decal Forward and Back.jpg
Air Cylinder on EF square.jpg
Air Pressure Decal.jpg