Optional Equipment

Roll-In Saw strives to make all of your cutting jobs easier; for this reason, we offer different optional equipment to fit the particular needs of your job.

Roller Conveyor (5ft or 10ft)

Part Number: 901 (5ft)

Price: $449 (5ft)

Part Number: 902 (10ft)

Price: $789 (10ft)

Compatible Saws: EF1459, JE1320, JM1220, DT1340, HM1212, HW1212, HS1418

Part Number: 903 (5ft)

Price: $499 (5ft)

Part Number: 904 (10ft)

Price: $859 (10ft)

Compatible Saws: TF1420

Summary: Coming in 5’ and 10’ lengths, the Roll-In Saw conveyor systems allow you to load long and heavy pieces of materials into any of our saws.

^Material Stop for Roller Conveyor Coming Soon!


1" Guide Rollers (4 Per Set)

Part Number: 179

Price: $128

Compatible Saws: EF1459, TF1420*, HM1212*, HW1212*

Summary: 1" Guide Rollers enable users to attach a 1" blade to their favorite saw

* Denotes the rollers ship standard with saw

Casters (4 Per Set)

Part Number: 1A132

Price: $140

Compatible Saws: EF1459, HM1212, HW1212

Summary: Our casters provide you easy portability of our saws. 2 of the casters include a lock, enabling you to lock the saw in place.


Chip Dust Blower

Part Number: 1A95R

Price: $92

Compatible Saws: EF1459, JE1320*, JM1220*, DT1340*

Summary: The Chip Dust Blower helps extend the life of your blades by removing chips from the cutting area--reducing the number of chips that get caught in the blade teeth.

* Denotes the chip dust blower ships standard with saw


Contour Guide Assembly

Part Number: 1A49 (1/4", 3/8", 1/2" Blade)

Part Number: 1A160 (3/4" Blade)

Price: $153

Compatible Saws: EF1459

Summary: The Contour Guide Assembly helps keep the blade from twisting or bending when making complex or contour cuts. Inserts are available for

- 1/4" blade

- 3/8" & 1/2" blade

- 3/4" blade

Saw Master Accessory Package

Part Number: 1A192

Price: $457

Compatible Saws: EF1459

Summary: The Saw Master Accessory Package helps any user improve efficiency in their cutting. The package includes a quick clamp to secure material. It also includes a rip fence rail and rip fence, which will help users make rip cuts--and can also be used as a material stop, making cutting the same length material more efficient. 


Work Light (Pre-Installed)

Part Number: 174

Price: $129

Compatible Saws: EF1459, JE1320, JM1220, DT1340*

Summary: Working in a lower light area, or need additional light to ensure accurate cutting? The Pre-Installed Work Light can provide additional lighting where you need it.

* Denotes the work light dust blower ships standard with saw


1" Welder, Grinder, & Shear

Part Number: 6000

Price: $2,575

Compatible Saws: JE1320, JM1220, DT1340 -- Or Can Be Sold As Bench Top Unit

Summary: If you are making your own blades, or need to weld a broken blade together, this top-of-the line Welder, Grinder, & Shear is a must to include on your saw. If you are not purchasing a JE1320, JM1220, or DT1340, we can also sell them as a bench top model--and they can be used separately from the saw.


Semi-Automatic Air / Hydraulic Cylinder

Part Number: 1A34

Price: $775

Compatible Saws: EF1459, TF1420*

Summary: Improve the efficiency of the saw by having an air cylinder installed with it. To start a cut or return the saw frame, simply flip the lever on the panel of the saw.

* Denotes the air/cylinder ships standard with saw

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