Our Story

In 1940, Roll-In Saw introduced its patented gravity fed vertical bandsaw. The precision and versatility of this saw set the benchmark for Roll-In Saw for the next 75+ years.


Our line of long-lasting band saws provide accurate and reliable performance, resulting in uptime, versatility, and efficiency for its users.


Roll-In Saw Inc is also as versatile as its saws. We can design and build saws to your custom specifications. We also offer full CNC manufacturing capabilities, as well as extreme precision Swiss screw machining capabilities. If we can’t make it, it cannot be made.


Our mission is to create saws that speed up cutting processes by reducing downtime, making accurate cuts, and offering saws with unparalleled versatility. Continuing to live by our mission will guarantee that we will be around for the next 75 years offering high quality, American built saws.

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t: 216.459.9001

f: 216.459.9220


15851 Commerce Park Dr.

Brook Park, OH 44142